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Learning and Achieving Together

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope it will give you a good insight into the full and vibrant life of our Academy.  We want our children to leave with a high standard of education, excellent inter-personal skills and a strong team and work ethic. We develop these principles within an inclusive environment and via innovative and creative teaching and curriculum models.   The Academy strives to move children to a point of ‘mastery’ within core subjects by developing a deep understanding of core principles which can be applied in a range of contexts across a connected curriculum.

The use of co-operative group work with mixed ability groups is a key approach at Stockland Primary Academy and allows each child to fulfill their potential and speak confidently of their ideas and views within a dialogic approach. The use of manipulatives in Maths such as Cuisiniere rods allow deep understanding of number via an algebraic approach.

Sport and Physical Education is a huge strength and focus of the Academy and children participate in high quality P.E lessons three times a week. On Wednesday afternoons older children compete against other schools in sports fixtures or receive sports coaching here at school. Younger children are also outside once a week (in addition to their P.E. lessons) taking part in Forest School based education.

Learning behaviour follows ‘Nine ways to shine’ developed with staff and children together which form a Diamond. This linked with school values of; Trust, Reflectiveness and stillness, Understanding, Serving, Talents combined with our commitment to teaching British values of; Democracy, importance of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs, means that our children are well prepared to succeed in Secondary school and in adult life.

The best way to find out more about the school is to come and visit us, but if this is not possible you can find lots of information on this website. Please follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com @stocklandschool for constant updates on school life and email the school office at admin@stocklandprimary.org.uk if you have any queries.

I hope you enjoy our finding out about our school                                             


Mr Clive Hellawell, Principal


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