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About Stockland C of E Primary Academy

Stockland C of E Primary Academy successfully converted to Academy status in September 2011 and was one of the first Primary Schools in the Country to do so. Since then the school has used the Academy freedoms to be innovative in curriculum and organisation.

Stockland Primary Academy girls enjoying reading

The main school building was constructed in 1859 and houses Class 3 (Years 4 & 5), the Principal’s office, the staff room, the Administrator’s office and Class 4 which is used by Year 6.

There are three mobile buildings which make up the remainder of the accomodation: one used by Class 1 (Reception & Year 1), one used by Class 2 (Years 2 & 3) and the other used as a dining room, assembly hall, meeting room and break out space for group work.  We also have a small library which is also used for 1:1 work with children as required.

The school roll as of September 2020 has 92 full time pupils.

Stockland School pupils enjoying sports day

Outside areas

At the front of the school is a tarmac playground. Outside Class 1 there is a special fenced area for the younger children.

At break and lunch times the children have different areas that they can use for playing.  The younger children use the fenced area.

The top of the playground has an area for ball games. The children from the other classes can utilise the tarmac area for playing with the hoops, soft ball, catching etc

Outside Class 2 there is an area where the children can use construction toys. Finally, for those interested in football/basketball is the hard court area. The Year 6’s act as Prefects and help look after the tag, hoop and fenced area, two members of staff are always on duty at any given time.

Stockland Village Hall is almost opposite the school and is sometimes used for after school clubs and other events.

Behind the school there is a large playing field, which incorporates an ecological conservation area with a pond, polytunnel and a school garden. This area was developed by parents, staff, children and members of the local community.

Sports Day at Stockland Primary Academy

When the weather cooperates the children use the field to play. It is also used for football, rounders matches and the East Devon Cross Country which Stockland hosts every year. It is well attended with approximately 20 schools sending teams of 16 children. The first race takes place in October with the final of the 4 races in the season taking place in March.

In addition, the school has a hard court sports area. This is used every day at playtimes and most days for P.E and sports matches on Wednesday afternoons and after school.

Academy Team

The Academy Team is comprised of the following:

  • Miss Smith – Class 1 Teacher
  • Mrs Deam – Class 1 Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Miss Chatting – Class 1 Teaching Assistant & Sports Coach
  • Miss Baker – Class 1/2 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Parris – Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Ainsworth – Class 3 Teacher
  • Mrs Gilmour-White – Intervention Teacher & SENDCO
  • Miss Martin − Class 2 teacher
  • Mrs Dewhurst – Class 2/3 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Shepherd – Class 2 Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Williams – Class 4 Teacher
  • Mr Hellawell – Principal
  • Mrs Brett – Senior Administrator
  • Mrs Bartlett – Receptionist

Mixed Ability Group Work

A key component which ties in with the ethos and philosophy of the school is the cooperative mixed ability group work.

Starting in Class 1 the children learn the skills necessary to work cooperatively together. This enables them to work on more complex problem solving than they would be able to manage individually. Collaborative group forms a part of most lessons at the Academy.

From Class 2 the children have specific jobs to do within the group. There are four main jobs within the group and they learn the skills to perform each one

  • Manager – the child who talks to the teacher to find out what the task is
  • Encourager – responsible for encouraging everyone in the group to take part
  • Checker – responsible for checking that everyone in the group has understood the task and that everyone in the group has written the same answer
  • Feedback – responsible for feeding back the answer to the teacher and the class at the end of the task.

The jobs are rotated on a daily basis so that every child has turn to do each job.

Additional Music Tuition

The children also have the opportunity to have additional music tuition and this takes place in our music room from a range of high quality peripatetic teachers.

Close Links with the Local Church

The school also has very close links with the local church. Clergy come into the school to take the Collective Worship approximately every 2 weeks and the Principal is a member of the Parochial Church Council. The school supports and sometimes leads monthly Family Services in the church.

The school uses “Roots and Fruits”  for Collective Worship. Our Collective Workship takes place each day at 1.00pm where all the children gather together for a song, Bible story or story based on the theme for the week and prayers.

Many of the children also attend the Family Services at St. Michael’s & All Angels Church in Stockland or in their own villages. A few of our major events take place at the Church; many children participate in the Harvest Festival service in September and our annual Christmas Production in December.  The Friends of St. Michaels purchased staging for the school to use at the church and often support the school in Christianity based projects.

School Hours

School hours are 8.50am until 3.30pm. Children can be dropped off at school after 8.40am.

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