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We will place materials on this page that are relevant to the primary curriculum taught at the school and which help to explain the stages children move through as they progress through their primary education.

Teachers may adapt timings and the order in which they teach the curriculum in line with the needs of their pupils and the topics being covered in class and may also use other resources which haven’t been shared online. Please feel free to chat to your child’s teacher about any aspects of the curriculum which you would like more information about. Our teachers are passionate about what they do and are always happy to talk about teaching and learning at the school.

Curriculum Statement
Guide to Writing progression
Guide to Maths progression
Guide to Reading progression
Guide to Primary Spelling

Early Years Curriculum

EYFS Curriculum Overview
A Guide to Your Child’s Development in Early Years

Information about Phonics

We use Read Write Inc for the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics to the children in Reception and Year 1. This consists of a discrete daily session involving regular reviewing of learning, teaching new content, practising what has been taught and opportunities to apply understanding. For those that need it, there are daily opportunities to reinforce understanding.

A Guide to Primary Spelling for Parents and Carers

The teaching and learning involved in spelling is an important part of the process of becoming a successful writer.

Guide to Primary Spelling
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