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Class 1 Funky Fingers

Funky Fingers!

Every morning in Class 1 starts with Funky Fingers. This is crucial to develop children’s fine motor skills, which are a key part of learning to write. It also gives the children an opportunity to be really creative! This is…

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Netball Vs Exeter School

Netball vs Exeter School

The sun shone brightly on Wednesday afternoon when the Y5 and Y6 girls netball teams travelled to Exeter School. Both teams played incredibly well with the Y5's intercepting the ball regularly, playing well as a team and gaining a convincing…

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Class 1 Art Sessions

Class 1 Art Sessions

Class 1 made some space themed artwork on Friday, inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock. We used a paint splatter technique and cut out planets from paper to make our Solar System. Each child’s artwork is totally unique and we…

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Class 3's Tooth Experiment

Class 3’s Tooth Experiment

Class 3 asked the question 'What effect do different drinks have on our teeth?' We've set up an investigation and will report back with the answer next week. Please don't worry - no actual teeth will be harmed during this…

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Youth Speak At Maynards School

Youth Speak at Maynards School

We are fantastically proud of these three children who competed yesterday evening at the Rotary Club Youth Speak Regional Final. They have put in hours of extra work to fine tune and polish their speeches and they performed brilliantly. All…

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Celts And Romans In Class 3

Celts and Romans in Class 3

As part of their work on the Celts and Romans, Class 3 created Giacometti style wire and modroc models of Boudicca.  They've worked hard to capture the sense of power and strength they thought Boudicca displayed when she faced the…

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Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire Rods!

Cuisenaire Rods are a tool we use almost daily to support maths teaching and learning. They are a powerful tool to help represent mathematical concepts visually. In Reception we encourage children to play with the rods to make pictures or…

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