The children had a lovely tour of the Sanctuary and saw lots of different animals.  The children were very surprised to see that there were cows. These cows had been pets and grown too big and therefore have now been taken in by the sanctuary.   At the end of the tour the children saw one of the new buildings at the animal sanctuary and were told it was going to be a new aviary for all the abandoned finches and cockatoos, etc. 
Ferne have asked the children to get involved with their 'Sunflower Project' - the children will grow sunflowers and when they are taller than the children and then the children will take them back to be able to feed the birds.  Every child was given a packet of sunflowers so they will need to get planting!  The sunflowers the children grew in our polytunnel last year ended up being enormous.  We were given some extra packets of seeds so if you would like to grow some at home please speak to Mrs Whitten.  A huge thanks to the parents who helped transport the children up to the sanctuary - we couldn't have done it without you.


Ferne Animal Sanctuary Trip Class 2