Class 1

Recommended websites / app's:

Phonics Play: (also has an app you can download)

NumBlox and Letter Shapes App's (please ask Mrs Hamilton or Mrs Deam if you require further information)


The children from Year 2-6 are regularly set Maths Homework via

The children are issued with login information directly.

The children in Years 4, 5 and 6 all have an individual login to MyMaths and to Timestables Rockstars. is used for setting homework on a weekly basis.  It can also be used by children to revise areas they want to improve on or consolidate, as it includes online lessons as well as questions.

Timestables Rockstar has been a recent addition this year and has proved very competitive with the children working hard to improve their times-tables speed against others in this and other schools.

Bitesize Here you can find all the resources on BBC bitesize for revision.

Year 6 shape and Space

Revising Nets and 3D shapes 


The BBT Bitesize website has lots of great KS1 (Reception to Year 2) and KS2 (Year 2-6) educational resources and games.

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