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Class 3 Aquarium Visit

Write up by Class 3 children: On Monday, 5th July, Class 3 visited the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.  In the first exhibit we saw starfish, crabs, baby sharks and pollock (the fish in your fishfingers!) We learnt that starfish can grow a new arm, or a whole new starfish.  In the Eddystone exhibit we saw local fish which prefer deeper water.   We passed Spaghetti the octopus peering out from her rock on the way.  We heard how she had tried to escape through a tube when she first arrived! We were excited to see the bioluminescent jellyfish we had learnt about during lockdown.  In  he Atlantic Ocean tank (the biggest in the UK) we saw 5 species of shark and 3 species of sting ray. Of course, we all loved seeing Friday, the green turtle. In the Blue Planet exhibit we saw species from more tropical climates such as clown fish (Nemo!) We heard how the clown fish covers itself in mucus to avoid being stung by the anemones where it lives. In the afternoon we dissected fish with help from Esther, our guided.  It was smelly, but fun!  

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